Actor & Model

  • Model
    Your Brand deserves best attitude

    There is only one way to satisfy both part, is to be both professional.

    I espect to work with people who know their job as much as I know mine, in good attitude, respect and efficiency.

  • Actor
    Memorable moments on movies

    Despite knowing the world of cinema, I still espect specific directions from my client / producer, to give perfectly what people want from my performance.

  • Marketing
    Let's work deepfully on ideas

    Having an international Master in Marketing, Sorbonne Paris 1.

    I worked in marketing project for great brands as « Le Coq Sportif » , « Renault » , etc …

    Thus, I am used to understand specificly the marketing strategies of brands.

  • Talents Music / Sport / Dancing
    Bring many talents in one character

    I have being practising Sports, Music and Dance all my life, as a national level.

    I am so able to bring new ideas to any project.

Respect and Trust
Be successful

Sports : Judo, Black Belt   –   Ski, National Level   –   Dance, Hip-Hop   –   Natation   –   Hand-Ball   –   Badminton   –   FootBall   –   Athletism

Musics : Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone  (notion in guitar, drums, armonica and oboe)

Share your projects in details

For people knowing me only

Postal adress: Paris

Email: contact@stephenmanas.com